Software Launch: FourTen CMS & FourTen Forum

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Posted by Andre Chambers on August 10th, 2009

We're excited to announce that FourTen will be offering 2 free Web applications, FourTen CMS and FourTen Forum, in November 2009 and December 2009, respectively.

FourTen CMS is designed to be the easiest possible Content Management System ever made. The whole point behind a CMS system is to make things easier, and often our customers that have requested integrations of the larger CMS systems don't end up using them because they're almost as difficult to learn as writing code by hand! The CMS will offer rich text editing, image upload, file management, and automatic toolbar generation -- everything a smal Web site needs to get going.

FourTen Forum was designed in the same vein as the CMS: current forum software is often quite complicated, and we can still make a feature-rich, customizable forum without requiring our customers to learn how to make templates or skins, or navigate through a control panel that requires a 100-page help file. Copy the code into your Web site, set the look and feel and forum names, and you're done.

Both products are great for small sites and a great starting point for larger sites. We're happy to write customizations for each, and we're able to offer development cost savings to customers looking for a CMS and/or forum by having a base set of code to start with.

We're currently running a closed beta for the ASP.NET version of these applications. We're in development for a PHP version, so that no matter what Web server platform you use, our software will work for you.

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